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  • Ever have questions?

    "Now we see things imperfectly, like puzzling reflections in a mirror, but then we will see everything with perfect clarity. All that I know now is partial and incomplete, but then I will know everything completely, just as God now knows me completely." 1 Corinthians 13:12

    We all have legitimate questions: Why did this happen? Why didn't that happen? But the truth is, even if we had some of the most troubling questions in our hearts answered, we wouldn't be satisfied. The answers would only raise more questions! The Bible doesn't promise us a peace that necessarily gives understanding, but it promises a peace that passes human understanding, like it says in Philippians.

    Have you ever lost someone close to you? A family member or a close friend? Often times when something like this happens, we don’t understand the ‘why’ behind everything that happened and often play the blame game. When I lost my grandfather, I had questions. But one question that I didn’t have a doubt in the world about was whether he was in heaven… he was a great man of God and I can’t wait to see him again someday!

    Just like that verse says that we see things imperfectly, it reminds me of a car with tinted windows. Someone drives by, and you're straining to look through the glass. You're saying, "Who's in there?" That's how it is for us sometimes. We try to look at heaven. We try to figure out the big questions of life. But it's hard to make it out. Maybe we see a little silhouette, but we're not even sure about that.

    But one day the view will be clear to the farthest horizons, and we will see as clearly as God sees us now. Until that time, "We walk by faith, not by sight" (2 Corinthians 5:7). Don't ever become discouraged if you don't understand. God's ways are higher than ours and if we continue to trust Him, then that should be comfort enough.

     -Pastor Chris-

  • Aug 10th Setlist

  • From Your Pastor's Heart

    Hey NLC,

    Every number has a name, every name has a story, and every story matters to God. So, I want to share with you some amazing numbers! Summer time within the church is what you would call a season of sowing seeds and fall is a season of harvesting all the seeds you sowed in the summer. With so many people vacationing and missing church for one reason or another, church attendance in the summer is always down. It’s not a reflection, it’s just a rhythm. We know that our attendance and Kingdom influence will increase 20-30% each fall. With that said...NLC, YOU ARE GROWING even in the summer which leaves our leadership developing plans on where to seat people this fall! God is growing His church! This past weekend alone we saw 14 people receive the free gift of salvation, we had 90 people new to NLC in our “Next Class”...that’s 90 people in August getting connected to the vision of NLC. We do our “next class” every six weeks. We also had 32 first time families fill out a first time connect card and we also set an all time record on the amount of people who gave financially to God’s Kingdom in a single weekend. IT’S SUMMER TIME! THAT’S NOT NORMAL….WHICH MAKES COMPLETE SENSE BECAUSE NLC YOU ARE SOOOOO WEIRD! I like to tell people I face the best problems a church planter could face, my problems consist of how to keep up with the growth God has blessed us with and continues to bless us with. We are growing faster now than ever before and the best part is, It’s the healthiest growth we’ve ever had. We are the most prepared we’ve ever been for growth and to disciple all the precious souls God is trusting us with! I want to celebrate with you what God has done so far in 2014….listen to these amazing numbers that represent precious souls! We’ve had 834 first-time families fill out a connect card and 333 salavations! YES, THAT’S JUST IN THE LAST 7 months and, YES, FALL IS TYPICALLY OUR MOST FRUITFUL SEASON!

    Can you believe that? Can you believe we get to be a part of this? Can you believe what God is doing in a region where people said it was impossible? I’m so honored and blown away that God would allow me to be a part of this great church and I pray that you feel the same! What we do matters! NLC Volunteers - I love you! I’m thankful for you! This could not happen every weekend without you! You are changing the world and don’t forget that!

    2 Kings 3 - keep digging ditches, because if we keep digging, God will keep sending the rain! I can’t wait to see you this weekend, invite someone and make it a priority to be in church! This week I’ll be confessing some of my weaknesses on stage and praying that as I speak from my weakness God strengthens us all! Love you all and love changing the world with you!

    Pastor Josh

    PS. I have the honor of speaking at some major leadership conferences this fall and would appreciate your prayers. I want to be used by God for His glory, so if you would pray that I decrease and he continues to increase. Thanks so much!

  • Aug 3rd Setlist

  • An Honest Prayer Life

    I was raised in a Christian household, and had been praying almost since the day I had learned how to talk. But if I were to be completely honest, I'd have to say that I did most of my praying when I was in trouble, and very little praying otherwise. In other words, most of my prayer time was spent praying what the Bible calls "crisis-prayers". The prophet Jeremiah gives an account of a period in Israel's history when God's people were not wholly devoted to Him, and He only heard from them when they were in distress. God tells Jeremiah, "I'm not going to listen to a single syllable of their crisis-prayers." (Jeremiah 11:14 MSG) It saddens me every time I read this verse, because it reminds me of how shallow a relationship I used to have with the Lord myself. As I look back, I realize now why my prayers were, for the most part, anemic and powerless.

    When I made a quality decision to get serious about my relationship with God, I began studying the Scriptures, having a desire to know Him in every way that He could be known. That's when I discovered that our God desires to have a deeply personal relationship with His children, and He expects them to love Him, seek Him, and serve Him with everything we have. When we make this kind of commitment to God, one of the blessings we receive in return is the privilege of getting "ready answers" to our prayers.

    Jesus said: "If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you." (John 15:7 NKJV) One of the reasons why many believers today are not hearing clearly and consistently from God is that they are not "abiding" in Him. Abiding in Christ means that we give Him the best of our time and energy each day. He is the first one we think of and speak to each morning. He is the One we consult about everything, and the One who gets to have the final say in all of our decisions and choices. And He and His Word have first place in our lives.

    Don't be the kind of believer who only prays "crisis-prayers" and gets sorry results. God has so much more for you than that, and He will share it with you if you give Him your best. Right now, make the decision to abide in Him all the rest of your days, and watch what He will do in and through your prayer life!

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