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  • Do you love unconditionally?

    'We love because He first loved us.' - 1 John 4:19

    Our love for others increases as we come to know and experience God’s love for us. What do you know of God’s love? Do you know that God loves you? Do you BELIEVE that He loves you? If so, we need to understand that believing implies confidence, satisfaction, and resting in God’s love for you. As you believe and as you come to trust His redemptive love for you, you will find yourself passing on God’s unconditional love to those around you. We love out of the overflow of our hearts. Is your heart full? Go to the source of it all. Get refreshed!

    If you need a refreshing of God’s love today, I encourage you to pray this prayer: 

    “God, I need Your love. I need You. Restore and heal me and give me confidence and courage to live out this day with that same kind of love. I am grateful that Your love for me never waivers, that it doesn’t depend on my performance or circumstances. Thank you for reminding me that I can trust You and Your love to transform me into someone who loves like Jesus. Help me receive your love so deeply that it will overflow into others lives. Amen”

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  • At The Movies

    What an incredible first weekend of At The Movies!! I absolutely love this series. For the first week, we watched "The Good Lie" and warned about unconditional love. Are you loving in and with unconditional love? Its a 2 way street. We need to realize that we can accept the unconditional love of Jesus AND be pouring out that same love to others. My prayer is that you continue to love on people that are far from God and move them to life in Jesus. It takes more than just telling people about Him.... SHOW them who He is by your love.

    Week 2 of at the movies is going to be extremely impactful for a lot of people. It will be dealing with a lot of the same issues we have been faced with in recent months. Racism, inequality, fear, hate.... and how to respond the way Jesus would. Can you guess the movie?

    I can't wait to see you all this weekend. I want to encourage you to not just invite someone, but BRING someone with you. Ive had some great conversations with people who came out for the first time this weekend. What you do matters!! When you invite and bring someone, it matters!! Someones life could be forever changed this weekend and there's no better feeling when you're a part of it all! Cant wait to worship with you all!

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