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    We are canceling MAN NIGHT for tonight. With the roads being as bad as they are and only planing on getting worse with the colder weather, the state is planning on having trucks and emergency crews available throughout the night. Don't chance driving in these conditions. We'll see you Sunday for Superbowl Weekend with Matthew Slater!  

  • Superbowl Sunday!

    This weekend is going to be incredible!! Matthew Slater will be talking to us about his story and how God has shaped him as a man. This is an incredible opportunity for us to invite people out and hear the gospel message from one of Americas most well known Patriots. We will have autographed footballs to give away too!! Make sure yo are doing everything you can to come out on Sunday AND invite your friends and family to be there too!!


  • Walk by Faith

    "We walk by faith, not by sight." 2 Corinthians 5:7

    If you pick up a road map, you can readily discern the best route to reach your destination. But while the map logically arranges the maze of highways so that you can stay on course, it does not provide a total picture of what the journey holds in store. Hills, curves, stoplights, restaurants, service stations, school zones, and other details of the trip can be discovered only as the trip unfolds.

    Knowing God’s will operates in a similar manner. God has a plan for your life, but the specifics you want so desperately are revealed only as you are committed to the journey of devotion and discipleship.

    Solomon wrote in Proverbs that God will guide your steps and unveil His plan as you trust wholeheartedly in Him, refuse to rely solely on your limited wisdom, and obey Him consistently. As you do these things, combined with prayer and the study of Scripture, the details of His personal plan—a place of work, a marriage partner, a church to attend—will follow.

    God wants you to know His will. Delight yourself in HIM; put aside preconceived notions, and concentrate on trust, obedience, and a personal relationship with Christ. Wait on Him, and at the right time, the answer will come.

  • Sledding at Harvey's Hill (Brown's Hill)

    We are excited about the family sledding day!! It's happening this Saturday starting at 10am and will go until the last person is sick of sledding! We will be sledding at Harveys Hill (also known as Browns Hill) and it is very easy to get to.

    It sits just east of the intersection of Calef Highway, NH Rt. 125 and Hedding Rd. It is visible from Rt. 125 just beyond the DMV/State Police barracks. To find it go north on Rt. 125 from Rt.101 to the lights at Hedding Rd (an intersection where DG cycles is). Go right and take the third right at the top of the rise. This is the second/upper entrance to the trailer park. Follow this to the foot of the slope.

    Excited to be doing life with all of you. Remember to invite friends and family out!

  • Sundays Setlist

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