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  • Backpack Giveaway

    NLC!! We gave away our first batch of backpacks yesterday and the Epping School district was blown away by your support!! Thank you so much for all that gave! This weekend is our last weekend for school supplies. Lets continue to bless the socks off our community!!


  • Sundays Setlist

  • Student Cookout

  • How far would you go?

    Unfortunately, as the Church, we don’t do the best job hanging out with those who are not like us (Christians). This was one of the myriad issues Paul was dealing with in the church at Corinth. Much like them, we can be afraid that our witness or Christ-likeness might be ruined if we associate too deeply or too often with unbelievers.

    But for some unknown reason many of us have no problem hanging out with a fellow church goer when they are living as sinfully as those in the world. If a fellow Christian has a drinking problem, no problem. They will stop if we hang out with them enough.  But, we won’t step foot into a bar.

    Jesus also dealt with people stuck in an overly religious mindset; those who judged him by who he invested in rather then by the fruit of righteousness he bore (Matthew 9:10-13). When we are controlled by the fear of being poorly judged by fellow Christians, we become incapable of fulfilling our mission, being a light to those around us (Matthew 5:14). Many will never see Jesus because they won’t step foot in the church and the Church (You and I) won’t step foot into their lives. Let’s not worry about what the overly religious think, and start acting like Jesus.

  • Backpack Giveaway

    It's time for our annual backpack giveaway! Help prepare students in need with the supplies necessary to have a successful school semester. We will be collecting supplies from 8/1 - 8/24. Now's our time to make a difference and to show the students God's love! For a full list of supplies needed click HERE!

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