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    I can't wait for this weekend!! This weekend in NLC Kids, we have our Dress Up Day planned out. For those of you who are new, this is a fun day we have planned out for all the kids to come dressed in their favorite costume. I can't wait to see all the little batmen and processes running around. We always try to make this a big day for our kids, so there are tons of prizes: Each experience will have a $25 gift card for best costume. The Grand Prize winner will get their choice of a costume to buy to have in time to wear the following weekend, and each child that brings a friend will receive a gift card to orange leaf!!! So NO EXCUSES!! Bring your kids, bring their friends, bring your neighbors kids!! It's going to be a blast

    We kicked off our new teaching series JC16 with a bang!! What an incredible message. If you missed it, check out nlc.tv to watch! This weekend, Pastor Josh will be bringing the Word. Ive heard from a few sources that this is one of the best messages you will hear... Im dying with anticipation as to how God is going to use this to change lives. Make sure you're there at 9 and 10:30am and come expectant for God to do amazing things in your life!

    I can't wait to see you all and worship with you this weekend!! The best is yet to come!!

    Pastor Chris Boardman
    Epping Location Pastor

  • Who I'm voting for....

    Our choices today can shape our futures. We can choose to build up or tear down. We can choose to invest into people or sit quietly and idly. We can choose to use words of life or speak death and destruction into peoples hearts. All of these choices not only have an impact on the people around us, but build our character, integrity, and personality. Are you going to let all of the outside influence propel you towards negative choices or positive ones? Who you are and what you do matters!

    Right now, we are in the midst of one of the craziest elections I have ever seen... and it has all been centered around choices. Our right and choice of who to vote for, the choices the candidates have made, what type of future our choices will create. We choose based on the foundation laid by those hoping to win our vote. You want to know who I'm voting for? Who I am choosing to be my foundation for my choices? Who I am going to let influence me for what my future holds? JESUS!!! HE will inspire me to make the right choices. HE will shape my future. HE will make me a better husband, father, pastor and friend. And HE will ultimately shape my character and integrity in a way that will be a Godly influence in people's lives.

    What do you stand for? What choices should you make? In our new series JC16, we will be talking about the things that Jesus stands for! He stands for love, grace, mercy, integrity, hope!! Many of you are passionate about sharing what your candidate may stand for, but are you passionate about sharing what Jesus stands for? Do Everything you can to invest and invite! Last week, Epping, you wrote down 124 names of people who need to hear Jesus' message. NOW GO OUT AND GET THEM!!! Do everything you can to be in church this weekend and bring those you have been praying for. God can help shape their future and help them choose LIFE!

  • A New Season

    What is it about a simple change in weather that can bring out the best in people? It's almost like each new season is a new beginning of sorts. It's very representation of newness stirs up changes in our souls. Autumn visions of our favorite warm cozy sweater; rich hot cocoa; and steaming hot apple cider spring into action in our hearts.

    The Bible also references new changes and beginnings in our lives as being seasons. Seasons are metaphors for God's perfect timing in delivering us through all the changes He makes in our lives. These certain seasons can bring about the blessings we reap from having been obedient in following him through those changes even if we did not fully understand or welcome them.

    'And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.' - Galatians 6:9

    This scripture tells us to never give up. No matter how long, strenuous and painstaking the road or trials are in our lives, there is always a new season ahead, a season of new beginnings.

    Every day we can make the decision to begin again. We can adopt a positive mindset to overcome, conquer, and live triumphantly. All beginnings must eventually come to an end so a new beginning, a new season, can commence. We need to take the opportunity to look ahead at what can be and forget the what-might-have-beens. We can challenge ourselves to be better, live higher, rise above our own self-appointed limitations. We can look ahead to a new season of thinking, speaking, acting and living more positively. Each subtle change we implement towards living a more positive life will eventually take root and manifest itself into our days, weeks, months and years.

  • Surviving The Family Circus

     An incredible new teaching series that you do not want to miss! If you want your family to thrive in this season, make sure you are there this weekend! 

  • Sundays Setlist

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