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    Hey NLC,

    I pray you are each having a good week! If you missed church this past weekend, you missed out on an amazing opportunity to see the transforming power found only in Jesus Christ! We baptized 123 people across all of our NLC locations and there wasn’t a dry eye! What we are a part of is truly a miracle and I pray we never take for granted the lives we see changed each and every weekend at NLC! A few weeks ago, I mentioned that Outreach magazine listed NLC as the 5th fastest growing church in America and it excites me to know that the growth is coming from people far from God finding life in Christ! I also want to thank all of the mature Christians at NLC who sow financially, share their life in community, and serve at NLC with their gifts. YOU ARE making a difference! None of what we are seeing happen at NLC happens without God sending mature Christians to help lead the new Christians. Jesus said, “the harvest is plenty, but the laborers are few.” Thank you for not sitting on your faith, but activating your faith!  NLC WILL ONLY continue to grow based on the amount of mature Christians that are willing to use their life selflessly within the church so that those far from God will be forever changed! REMEMBER, our weekends are a time of celebration and our NLC Groups are a time for discipleship! SO, if you’re wanting to grow in Christ and do life in community, both of which God desires for you, GET IN A GROUP!

    This weekend we are beginning a new series titled, “Questions in Red”. We are going to be looking at questions that Jesus asked while He walked the earth and learn how to find the right answers to those questions. Make church a priority - I know there are MANY things that you can do other than go to church, but I’d argue few if any will affect your week in a positive way as much as church will. We have many experience times and even a Saturday night experience at our Somersworth location so there should be very few reasons to not be in church with your family! Everyone ends up somewhere, but few people get there on purpose. Be one of the few! Make God a priority over fairs, parties, the beach, etc...beginning your family time 1-2 hours later on Sunday, because you choose to go to church first won’t ruin your day. In fact, I’d argue it will make your day! If you attend NLC Somersworth and you can attend the 9:00am, PLEASE do so. Our 11:00am is out of seats and you would help open up seats for our guests while we plan to open up a 4th experience time.

    I want nothing more than God’s very best for your life and I promise I will be praying and preparing all week long so that this weekend God may use me to speak into your life. The best is ahead! NLC has just started! It’s going to be a mind blowing ride! Love you all and I am honored to do life with you!

    Pastor Josh

    PS. If you need a faith injection, I’m believing this week God will be injecting faith into our hearts :) Don’t miss it and PLEASE bring someone to the table with you! (You can watch the table message if my last comment didn’t make sense.)

  • Baptisms at NLC

    This past weekend was absolutely epic as we baptized 123 people across all of our locations!  What an honor to celebrate this life change at our Portland location.  We followed it up with a cookout, bounce house obstacle course in our parking lot, and the patriots game on the big screen.  I loved seeing the authentic community happening after the experience this past weekend!

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