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    Hey NLC,

    I can't wait for this weekend! We are continuing our series "Questions in Red" and what a powerful series it's been so far! I've personally been working on praying big, bold prayers. I want to pray like my God is the creator and sustainer of all things because HE IS! Do you prayers resemble a person who believes their God can do all things? The size of your prayers speak to the size of your faith.

    There are so many great things happening at NLC! I haven't mentioned each location for a while so I thought today would be fun to do so!

    -Many of you know by now that we are launching our next location this spring in Concord, NH and the response has been unlike any we have seen so far! Because of the potential immediate size of this location we are in negotiations over an amazing permanent space in Concord! I prayed circles around the property yesterday asking God for His will to be done!
    -Our Portland location begins its bus route this weekend! For those that don't know, our Portland location bought a school bus and will be driving people that don't have transportation through the city to church! I'm so pumped about what God is doing in Portland!
    -Our Epping location just keeps growing and we looked at 3 potential pieces of land today to build a facility on. God has the perfect location and we will continue raising money so that we have the means to purchase the right land.
    -Our Portsmouth location has been setting attendance records and I'm so proud of what God is doing there! 6 months old and dozens of Salvations along with many people who freed seats up for Somersworth to keep growing! Portsmouth is just a baby but the growth we are seeing is crazy for that city!
    -Our Somersworth location is adding it's 4th experience time the weekend of November 1-2. Our times will be Saturday 5pm and Sunday 8:30, 10:00, and 11:30. Many of you who attend Saturday know we should be adding another time Saturday night, but we can't until more people step up and help serve. One of the things that makes NLC NLC, is our world class volunteers and we need some of the people who have recently made NLC home to jump in the game and serve so that those who have yet to meet Jesus or who have yet to walk into church will have the same experience we all did when we entered NLC. November 3rd of last year we opened our Somersworth location and in one year have added a Portsmouth location to make room, grown from 2 experiences to 4 experiences with the need for 5 experiences! That's A LOT of growth which is awesome, but with more people comes the greater need for more people to be the hands and feet of Jesus and welcome people to the table! (The church)

    NLC, it is just the beginning! We have only just started this amazing journey and I believe the years ahead will have much larger Kingdom influence than the years behind! I'm praying every one of your families will give their hearts over to Jesus and I can't wait for the day we have entire families filling up every row at all our locations! I love you all and consider it one of my life's greatest privileges to be your pastor!

    In His Strength,
    Pastor Josh

    PS. It's a cold weekend. No more excuses to miss church :) Your family and you need what God has for you this weekend!



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