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  • HUGE weekend ahead

    We are only a few days from one of the most anticipated weekends of the year!  This weekend we will be celebrating baptisms across all of our locations and at our Portland location we are going to have an amazing after party.  We will be grilling out together and watching the Patriots on the big screen.  We have also rented a huge bounce house obstacle course for the kids that will be setup in our parking lot.  I can't wait to see you this Sunday!


  • Baptism weekend

    Our next baptism will be held during our Sunday morning experience on Sept 21.  If you are interested in learning more about getting baptized I would love to answer any questions that you have and get you involved in this fall's baptism celebration.  Email: allen.robbins@nlc.tv
    We will also be following up our baptisms with an after-party cookout in our parking lot!  You will not want to miss it!  We will have tons of food, a bounce house obstacle course for the kids, and the Patriots game on the big screen.

  • Patriots kickoff weekend

    Even though the game was not what we were hoping for yesterday we had a blast at NLC Portland as we kicked off the NFL season!





  • Message from pastor Josh

    Hey NLC,

    This weekend will change the lives of many in attendance! I can hardly wait to preach! All I can do is ask for you to trust me when I say that very few things are more important than you being in church this weekend! I’m dealing with what I believe is the number one thing that holds us back from living life to it’s fullest. It’s been an amazing summer at NLC and I’m so excited to begin seeing all of the pockets of people that have been traveling during the summer back in church this month. Parents, I know summer is busy and there is a lawn to cut, but your kids need to be in church. You have one shot at raising them and the best thing we can do as parents is not give kids what they want, but what they need! If we give them what they need it will serve as a backbone for their lifetime. Felt like someone needed to hear that.

    I love you NLCers! I’m blown away by what God is doing at all of our locations and am excited to soon share with you the next city NLC will be launching in! More than anything, I’m proud of your willingness to serve, give and be passionate about the local church, because it is still God's greatest vehicle for reaching the world! Bring someone this weekend who’s close to you and far from God, someone who may think church is boring and irrelevant - let’s prove to the world there’s nothing boring or irrelevant about the love, grace and purpose found in Jesus Christ!

    In Him,

    Pastor Josh

    P.S. PLEASE get into a NLC group! You can’t do this life alone. If you are not in a group being discipled, you are not connecting to all God has for you. Just try one for 4 weeks...I’m an introvert and thought I’d hate being in a group and I soon learned God is smarter than me :)

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