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  • Today's set

  • ATM week #4 this weekend!

    We are having so much fun in our annual series AT THE MOVIES!  I would encourage you to be there this weekend for the final week as Pastor Josh teaches on the movie "WARRIOR"


  • There’s Got to Be More

    Do you ever have the feeling that you are chasing something in life that won’t fully satisfy you? Pay attention to that feeling. It’s probably from God!  That longing is the first "tapping on the shoulder" for all of us to find our way back to God: “There’s got to be more.”

    When you long for a love that is deep and satisfying, when you want to give yourself to something that will truly make a difference, or when you seek answers to life’s most difficult questions, you are looking for God. You’ve really got two options: you can keep searching to fill these longings on your own, or you can look to the One who gave you those longings in the first place.



    Don't miss your chance to be apart of history as we record our very first worship CD!  

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