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  • Who wants to go cow tipping?


    What a fantastic weekend we had here in Saco.  We kicked off our new teaching series called Cow Tipping.  During it, Pastor Josh tipped the sacred cow of "God will never give you more than you can handle."  We found out God often gives us more than we can handle because it helps us to rely on Him more than before.

    We also had a great turn out at next.  Folks at next got to learn about the culture and heartbeat of our church, ask questions and enjoy some quality time with new friends over lunch.  If you have never been to next stay tuned for an upcoming one.

    So here we go with week 2 of Cow Tipping.....

    Ever feel like Christianity is a bunch of do's and don'ts?  What does Christ think about all the things we've labeled, "Christian"?  Do some of our sacred cows need tipping?  Come this weekend to find out.




  • We are love our volunteers


    One of our core values is Relationships.  We will do life together. We believe that each person has been created with the need for godly community. We will encourage everyone to be in a NLC Group.

    Here's a great snapshot of some of our volunteers praying together early Sunday morning before the crowds arrived at church.



  • This weekends set list

  • Weekly Devotional

    This is my favorite time of year.  The fall in New England is truly a reminder to me that God likes good things.  The vibrant colors, the crisp air, a hot cup of coffee, a warm sweater and football.  The leaves go from green to a fiery orange before turning brown and falling to the ground.  It’s a time of change as we say goodbye to summer and hello to the prospect of winter.  It’s a new season.

    This reminds me of John 15:2 NLT “He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn't produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.

    Sometimes we as followers of Jesus we are think we are losing or giving up things in our lives by being obedient to God.  When in fact the opposite is happening.  We are gaining freedom to overcome any obstacle we might face.  We have the power of Jesus, who not only died for our sins, but He overcame death and conquered the grave when he rose 3 days later. So when we feel convicted by God to give up something in our lives.  Something that keeps us chained to our old lives.  We aren’t losing. We are winning.  God is getting rid of things in our lives that will not bear fruit, but the things in our lives that will, he prunes.  The pruning makes for healthier fruit and a stronger walk with Jesus.

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